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¤Leigh Ann¤

Final 2 epiosodes of the season start Wednesday! Let's hope that AD gets renewed!! And, please join that AD message board I posted about a few posts ago! We desperately need members.

Edit: Oh, and how many of you just adore the scenes with JJ & the baby?? They're so cute. :)

8pm 2005-03-23 ALL NEW!
FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE GUEST STARS AS THE HOLLIES AND JOHN ONDRASIK GUEST STARS AS A SINGER IN THE LAIR -- As Jack (Tom Verica) faces one of the most difficult life decisions about his older brother, who was just in a near fatal accident, Beth (Rachel Boston) realizes that she wants to mend her relationship with her own father. Henry (Jonathan Adams), left to hold down the fort alone at the shop, is concerned about an important sales opportunity. Meanwhile, Meg (Brittany Snow) and Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) give Patty (Sarah Ramos) a make-over and JJ (Will Estes) makes a good impression at his new job at an aeronautics company. Rock band Fountains of Wayne (Adam Schlesinger, Chris Collingwood, Jody Porter and Brian Young, "Stacy's Mom") guest star as The Hollies, singing "Bus Stop" and John Ondrasik/Five for Fighting ("Superman It's Not Easy") guest stars as a singer in the lair, singing "If God Made You." Gail O'Grady, Arlen Escarpeta and Ethan Dampf also star. TV-PG
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