¤Leigh Ann¤ (jeanniefan04) wrote in rachel_boston,
¤Leigh Ann¤

I was just wondering, who here has joined the fan club?

8pm 2005-03-16 ALL NEW!
PARIS HILTON GUEST STARS AS "I DREAM OF JEANNIE"'s BARBARA EDEN AND JOHN LEGEND GUEST STARS AS STEVIE WONDER -- Meg (Brittany Snow) and Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) are selected to dance in an American Bandstand special and travel to Hollywood to appear in the show. On the way to the Bandstand soundstage, they stumble upon the set of "I Dream of Jeannie," and are caught trespassing by the star of the show, Barbara Eden (guest star Paris Hilton) as they sneak into the famed bottle. Meanwhile, Jack (Tom Verica) tries to dodge a reporter who is writing a story on the corruption of the city council, and JJ (Will Estes) finally gets a chance to realize his dreams. Paris Hilton ("The Simple Life") guest stars as Barbara Eden, and John Legend ("Used to Love You") guest stars as Stevie Wonder. Gail O'Grady, Rachel Boston, Jonathan Adams, Arlen Escarpeta, Sarah Ramos and Ethan Dampf also star. TV-PG
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