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Episode for January 30th

In the cut is the description of the episode. Also, I will post any Season 4 news when it is available, so stay tuned.

Edit: And there will be no episodes for the month of February because of Super Bowl and Oscars and such, but it will return in March with new ones. Just remember that February is a short month. :)

8pm 2005-01-30 ALL NEW!
JOSS STONE GUEST STARS AS A SINGER IN THE LAIR -- Meg (Brittany Snow) is left dateless for her senior prom after Chris (guest star Milo Ventimiglia) leaves town, so JJ (Will Estes) offers to escort her. There, he meets up with his old coach who had offered him a coaching position once his enlistment was over. Meg, not having such a great time, ends up in a heated argument with JJ about Chris and the war. Upset, she leaves and shares a dance with Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) atThe Lair, and they realize that they may have become closer than what they, and their friends and family, are comfortable with. Meanwhile, when Jack (Tom Verica) refuses to be pressured by the council to vote a certain way, his family members become directly affected. Joss Stone ("Fell in Love with a Boy") guest stars as a singer in the lair, singing "Right to Be Wrong." Gail O'Grady, Vanessa Lengies, Jonathan Adams, Rachel Boston, Sarah Ramos, and Ethan Dampf also star. TV-PG

Wasn't the wedding pretty? I just hope they stay married now.
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